Furthermore, overseas direct investment

Furthermore, overseas direct investment (FDI) is anticipated to reach $8 billion within the fiscal year 2016 to 2017, in step with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, at the same time as ultimate economic yr it amounted to $9.5 billion—evaluate this with the Philippines’ FDI in 2015 at $5.Seventy two billion. Attractive sectors forContinue reading “Furthermore, overseas direct investment”

A landmark event held these

A landmark event held these days, The 21st Century Panglong Conference, has produced excellent final results, a consensus reached, doubtlessly ending the long-running struggle among the government and severa ethnic armed enterprises. Many locals, based totally on our conversations with them, agreed that this is the important thing to lasting peace within the us ofContinue reading “A landmark event held these”

One component that bodes nicely

One component that bodes nicely for the u . S . A . Is its street to political stability. Its shift from entrenched military regime to a gadget of dynamic political reform starting from the 2015 elections has created a bounty of recent possibilities. In March this year, Myanmar sworn in its first elected civilianContinue reading “One component that bodes nicely”

We later discovered that

We later discovered that Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, simply finished his three-day legitimate visit to Myanmar which commemorated 50 years of diplomatic ties among the two nations, paving the way for more cooperation, specifically in enterprise and schooling. We additionally examine within the nearby paper that during May this year, the president ofContinue reading “We later discovered that”


REYNALDO C. LUGTUAs the plane descended toward Yangon International Airport, peeking thru the window found out a flat but bustling Yangon City, Myanmar’s capital, with abundant creation websites and sprawling production vegetation, certainly one of which became the conspicuously massive Universal Robina Corporation (URC) factory. My wife, Kay, and I went thru immigration, and weContinue reading “REYNALDO C. LUGTU”

At the cease of it all, if all stakeholders

At the cease of it all, if all stakeholders to this ENDO are presently religiously turning in on their proportion of obligations in dealing with and “taking care” in their people, the give up of ENDO would handiest mean a change of price obligation—from corporations to their clients. Agree or agree to disagree? Che M.Continue reading “At the cease of it all, if all stakeholders”

What are the feasible government interventions

What are the feasible government interventionsAfter the age of sixty five, an SSS beneficiary’s most month-to-month pension of about P16,000 is infrequently ok for an getting old, every now and then even sickly, person. Ending ENDO brings true tidings and challenges as well. The lawmakers voting for finishing ENDO might also win some and loseContinue reading “What are the feasible government interventions”

Companies have to, in the

Companies have to, in the event that they haven’t yet, start operating on their simulations or sensitivity analyses for “stop ENDO” state of affairs to manipulate its shareholders’ expectancies or guard shareholder cost. While companies can pass up the value boom to customers, they need to strike a stability between profit management and market’s priceContinue reading “Companies have to, in the”

inclusive of excessive capital costs

“At present, we maintain our forecasts that no nuclear capability will come on-line inside the country over the approaching decade for the reason that there are still significant uncertainties surrounding this inclusive of excessive capital costs, safety considerations and lengthy lead instances, but we might also are looking for to revise it if there isContinue reading “inclusive of excessive capital costs”

Late remaining yr, a bicameral

Late remaining yr, a bicameral conference committee composed of representatives from both Houses of Congress accepted the Universal Health Care (UHC) Bill, which seeks to sign up all Filipinos in the proposed National Health Insurance Program. This brings the united states of america one step closer to presenting health take care of all Filipinos, whetherContinue reading “Late remaining yr, a bicameral”

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